I was stoked when they packed my groceries in free reusable bags at Hannaford last week! Wow, my Mill Creek store is really stepping it up! It turns out that they were preparing customers for the transition from single use bags to reusable bags. I thought it was a nice gesture. But the truth is, I never remember to bring them back into the store with me. I feel like a schmuck when I'm in line and I'm the only sinner that is still asking for plastic. If you have pets, you love those bags and they get used.  Please don't judge me when I pay 5 cents a bag to contain our degu shavings! So that's the new deal, retailers whose food sales are over 2% of their stores overall sales will have to charge you for your reusable plastic and paper bags. Those stores are also banned from using foam containers. We will save lots of natural resources and keep litter down. Portland and South Portland are leading the charge, but Freeport, Falmouth and Brunswick are also moving in that direction. York is doing us one better by banning single use plastic bags, starting on Thursday.

Have you already made the switch to reusable bags? Any tips for remembering to bring them? How often do you wash them? Comment on our Fan Page or tweet #nopapernoplastic


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