According to News Center Maine, two Maine bills are being presented to address Daylight Saving Time.

Dem. Chris Kessler of South Portland proposes moving Maine into the Atlantic time zone, which means no longer setting clocks back in the fall. Republican Donna Bailey of Saco has proposed keeping Maine in Eastern Daylight Time year round, providing Daylight Saving is eliminated nationwide. Both choices would move clocks forward an hour in the spring, but would not be set back in the fall.

According to ABC Action News, Florida Senator Marc Rubio has reintroduced the Sunshine Protection Act that would make Daylight Saving Time permanent across the U.S..

According to supporters, there are many benefits to Daylight Saving Time:

  • daylight for children walking to and from school or waiting for busses
  • a decrease in criminal activity
  • fewer car accidents
  • energy savings
  • reduction in health risks such as cardiac issues, seasonal depression and strokes
  • benefit to economy, especially our agricultural economy which is disrupted by the change in their hours and those of the supply chain
  • reduction in childhood obesity because kids' physical activity increases during DST

Lawmakers will soon decide, but what do you think? Vote and comment on our Fan Page.

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