According to WGME, golfers all over Maine are taking part in a petition that would designate golf courses to be "essential businesses" and be allowed to stay open during the "Stay Healthy at Home Mandate".

COVID-19 has taken just about all of our fun, but we are still able to enjoy the great outdoors by hiking, kayaking and fishing. Golf takes place outdoors too, but golf courses are not allowed to be open according to the "Stay Healthy at Home Mandate".

Golf is very healthy for many Mainers; it gets them outside, provides exercise, reduces stress and it can be done at a safe distance with some modifications.

WGME reports that some of the modifications being proposed to get golfers back on the links include:

  • Closing all the buildings associated with the course; including the club house, locker rooms and restaurants.
  • Golfers would pay online, making it contact-free.
  • Tee times would be scheduled at least 12 minutes apart to create separation.
  • Only one group would be allowed on the tee at a time and they would adhere to 20 feet of social distancing. More than double what is recommended by the CDC.
  • The course would be made touch-free with the removal of flags, sand rakes and ball washers.

According to WGME, Maine golfers have created a petition called "Make Golf Essential" and you can add your name to the petition by visiting

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