According to WGME, Mainers could face fines for not clearing their vehicles of "solid precipitation" if a bill passes.

Discussions are being held surrounding a bill that requires most Maine vehicles to be cleared of solid precipitation like snow, ice and sleet if going faster than 40 miles per hour on a public road. Commercial vehicles would be exempt, why is that?

Flying ice and sheets of snow coming off moving vehicles is really dangerous, it's also important to see through your windshield. Taking a reasonable amount of effort to clear at least your windshield keeps you and those who have to drive around you, safe. We've all seen those lazy boneheads who don't clear off their car after a storm. They can't see Jack out their windows and are a roadway hazard. Common sense, people! it's amazing that we have to have a law to enforce basic driving safety.

If the bill passes, chuckleheads who think they are way too busy and important to clear their windshields will pay a first fine of $250, and $500 for fines after that.

Should Mainers be fined for not clearing their windshields of ice and snow?

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