According to WGME, Maine Governor, Janet Mills is proposing a plan that would make the opioid reversal drug, Naloxone, available in public locations.

Just like fire boxes and defibrillators, "Naloxboxes" might become the next life saver to be found in public places for general access. There were about 300 deaths in Maine during the first nine months of 2018 as the nation battles the opioid epidemic.

Details still need to be worked out, but the reversal drug would be placed in the same way emergency defibrillator boxes are. Some of the questions being raised involve the ability for the boxes to be vandalized, kids getting into them, who will monitor them and the possibility that it could be empty when someone dependant on being saved from the drug needs it.

Maine's Director of Opioid Response, Gordon Smith, is hoping that over 100 Naloxboxes will be purchased and be in place by the end of this summer.

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