According to WGME, Portland's Evergreen Cemetery is being disrupted by Pokemon Go players looking to find virtual characters while visitors are attending funerals, maintaining resting places or visiting their deceased loved ones. The cemetery is asking the game developer, Niantic, to be taken off the Pokemon Go location list.

Personally, I think this is the dumbest game ever invented, it leads to distracted driving, distracted walking and inconsiderate behavior in general.

Evergreen Cemetery holds funerals Monday through Saturday and Pokemon Go players have been disrupting the ceremonies when mourners deserve respect and peace. Like I said, inconsiderate behavior. Grow up people. The distracted players are driving through the cemeteries narrow roads and are putting people, headstones and other property at risk.

It's gotten so bad that the cemetery is writing to the software developer and asking to be be removed from the game. Until that happens, the cemetery is asking people to be respectful and to not play. I have a feeling that their pleas are falling on deaf ears, both to the software company who picks the locations and to the players who think capturing a fake character supersedes common decency. What kind of moron needs to be told not to do something so insensitive?

Other places asking to ban Pokemon Go include, but are not limited to:

  • hospitals
  • funeral homes
  • schools
  • churches, shrines and religious places of worship
  • museums
  • bathrooms

Where else should this stupid game be banned? EVERYWHERE! Comment on our Fan Page.

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