According to WGME, another bill concerning the end of life for terminally ill Mainers is on the table.

If you have ever seen someone suffer at the end of life from a terminal disease, it may have made you ponder your own mortality. Maybe you've considered what you would want for yourself if it came down to extreme suffering. Would you want the option of choosing to take a life-ending drug? If you can have a Do Not Resuscitate Order, should you also have the choice not to suffer with a terminal illness?

A new bill faces Maine house and senate action. At the core of the bill is the ability of a sound minded, terminally ill person to choose when they pass using life ending prescription drugs.

The bill proposes an oral request, a second opinion and two waiting periods. The bill would also criminalize coercion of a patient seeking the medication.

Opponents are urging lawmakers to promote mental health treatment and hospice care as an alternative.

Would you want the option to end your life through prescription drugs and escape suffering if you had a terminal illness? Comment on our Fan Page.

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