According to News Center Maine, a raise for the governor of Maine could be on the horizon. Not just a little cost of living bump, but a real pay jump from $70,000 a year to $150,000. It would begin in 2023 after Gov. Janet Mills first term as governor.

My first reaction was knee jerk, a big, "HELL NO!", but when I realized that the salary for the governor has been the same since 1987, I started to re-think the situation. The governor went through the same situation back in 1987 when they experienced a salary jump from 35K to 70K a year. Again, more than doubling their pay because it was so, so low.

Maine's governor is one of the lowest paid in the entire country. Here's how their pay compares to the other New England states:

Maine- $70,000

Vermont- $145,538

New Hampshire- $127,443

Massachusetts- $151,800

Rhode Island- $129,201

Connecticut- $150,000

Our Maine lawmakers are making a pittance as well, and they are up for a jump from $14,862 a year to $20,00 a year.

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