Skunks are a sign of spring, right? I saw this one last weekend on my way to the Maine Mall. It's been a long winter and I struggle with the transition into what I consider to be better weather. I've been recording all signs of spring, including this guy who made my day.

Many Mainers love winter, and I do too-as enjoyed through the magic of television via Hallmark Christmas movies. I actually hoard them and record as many as I can during the holiday season. I still have five left to watch and I'm saving one for a Christmas in July party that I want to throw this summer.

I've tried to cheer myself up on gloomy, cold days by recognizing signs of spring around me. Here are a few:

Geese crossing the street by Hannaford. These guys roam the neighborhood like they own the place. Cars were stopped and they looked like a parade. There were 4 more behind them and the car waited patiently for them to get to the bank across the street.


Mainers like their spring gardening. It feels like forever until the ground thaws enough to plant stuff, but we think about from February on. We also like local compost that contains leftovers from lobster bakes: blueberries, mussels and lobster.


Pansies at the grocery store are a sign of spring because they are so hardy. Pansies are the first flowers of spring and one of the last flowers of fall in Maine.


We had family date night at Saltwater Grill last night and we noticed that the shrink wrap has disappeared from the boats, peepers are making a racket behind our house, the Portland Sea Dogs are playing again and the kids are chomping at the bit to catch a game and check out the new food at Hadlock.

What are the signs of spring in your neighborhood? Comment on our Fan Page.


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