One of the great traditions in all of Maine went off today at the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest. It was the annual Pumpkin Regatta. Hundreds of seafaring gourds and their crazy captains took to the water at Noon. Some were paddleboat pumpkins. Some were powerboat pumpkins. It's hard to tell who won and who lost, but who cares? These brave Mainers put on a great show for the thousands of people who came out and THAT is the reason you race a pumpkin.

The 600+ boats need High Tide to go wicked fast, so the race time varies from year to year. Thanks to Back Bay Cottage for the awesome video


A lot of time and expertise goes into making these "boats."



Wicked cool!



What do you do with a 1200 pound pumpkin? Race 'em, baby!



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