Smashtastrophe will open sometime somewhere....and we can't wait!

Rage rooms, or destroy rooms are all the rage. One is slowly coming to Portland. According to the owner, Gabe Perez, Smashtastrophe will be at 380 Cumberland Avenue on the second floor.

One of the hashtags is #zoningboarddelays. Oh oh. Come on Portland - give these guys the permits they need so we can go smash stuff!

They are hoping for an October 1st opening 'barring any unforseen circumstances...'

If you aren't familiar with destroy rooms, well, the name says it all. You pay money and then go and destroy stuff. Fun stuff to wack at! Mad at your boss, but can't take a baseball bat to him? Then beat up a toilet!

The 'rooms' are making their way to Maine. We have escape rooms, we even have a scavenger hunt, but as far as I can tell - this will be the first destroy room. I mean, if you don't count my basement.

Good luck Smashtastrophe! Can't wait to whack something!

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