Not only did Kyle Mooney’s sketch actually make it to air this week, but he finally gave us another update on the life of Chris Fitzpatrick, aka every high school kid you knew who was into Nu Metal and rap-rock. So what’s Chris up to now? He started a metal band over the summer with a couple of his equally obnoxious friends, and they want to crowd-fund their new homemade action flick, Johnny Shadow.

Beck Bennett and guest host Brie Larson play Chris’ bandmates — he’s basically a Juggalo and she’s doing the Hot Topic thrasher thing — in Mooney’s latest short, in which the presumptuous trio decide that the metal group they started over the summer is cool enough to warrant $750,000 in donations to make an action movie.

I would 100 percent watch Johnny Shadow — you know, if it were like 20 minutes long, tops. Mostly it just looks like a riff on The Purge, which is exactly the sort of thing people like Chris Fitzpatrick and his pals would make in their basement. (My own metal-loving high school friends tried to remake The Blair Witch Project in their backyard. It was…snotty.)

As usual, Mooney really nails the specificity of his characters, resulting in a familiarity that is both uncanny and hilarious. Mostly, it’s just good to see that he got something on the air.

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