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One thing that is always funny is making fun of Boston. Sorry, not sorry.

The comedian Bill Burr was hilarious as a Bostonian in the latest "Saturday Night Live" bit.  I think he perfectly summed up what a real Bostonian would really feel about Jack-O-Pumpkin Sam Adam’s Ale at a supermarket beer sampling event.

He obviously hates it.  But would any authentic beer drinker like something like pumpkin spice flavored beer?  Other customers remark it’s the perfect beer for sweater weather.  Another customer comments they can really taste the hops.

Maybe Burr’s character overindulged in the beer samples because he gets even crazier after sampling too many.  Cause, I mean, you gotta drink at least 6 free beers before you know you like it, I guess, or that it tastes terrible, which Burr’s character decides.

Burr and his son in the skit are also wearing their masks around their chin.  Burr then gets into a knockdown, drag-out fight with his son in the store over cereal.

Of course, he is wearing Boston Sports apparel in the skit because what Boston guy doesn’t?

For the record, I thought his opening monologue was great.  He went there!  He wasn’t afraid!  He’s a comedian, it’s a joke.  They make fun of current events.  People need to loosen up.

The reaction to Burr’s monologue is mixed and some think he went too far with some of the jokes.  Personally, I loved it.

Burr has now become one of my favorite comedians. Props to you Bill Burr.  You walked a tightrope, but you made me laugh.

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