Spring has sprung and that means everyone and their neighbor has been out in the dooryard fixing up their lawn before the heat gets here. And if you're going to work out in the yard, you're going to need the proper tools. Which is why one person in South Portland is so frustrated, because apparently someone stole their beloved rake from their yard and THEY WANT IT BACK!

Shared on Twitter by Kelly Bouchard, instead of a missing persons report, homemade street signs were put up on reflectors kindly (but sternly) asking the thief to PLEASE RETURN MY RAKE. It's a gentle way to let whomever walked off with the prized rake that it has value and meaning to someone and it wasn't very nice to walk off with it.

Kelly Bouchard didn't divulge the exact neighborhood in South Portland where this signage has gone up, but judging from the nice shrubbery, lawn and house in the photos, it appears to be a terrific area. Which makes a theft of this nature all the more worrisome. If it's a rake one day, it could be a spade shovel next.

If you have any information on who stole the rake, please just tell them to return it. Thank you.

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