When I left One City Center on Tuesday, I found this on my car. I'm not sure what to make of the bright orange Violation notice that states, "Lonely Hearts get What They Deserve". I'm not taking it personally because every car for as far as my eye could see had one of these on their windshields.

Cars with fliers

Portland definitely has an "artsy" element to it and expression can be seen in many forms all around, but this has me baffled. Does it mean anything at all? Who spent time and money to print these up and distribute them?

Lacking the funds to hire a private detective, I rang up my old friend the Google machine to see if there was any information to be found there. The only thing that I found was a song by "The Moles", a 90's band from Australia.

It still doesn't make sense. I'm going to watch the video and see if I find anything that could have inspired the actions that I'm investigating. I'm going to watch it now, I'll be right back. You should watch it too.

Nope, still not getting it. There was a weird organ intro that evolved into a plodding British sounding 90's tune. The video was just the picture that you see and I couldn't understand enough of the lyrics to find a connection. I'll just chalk this mystery up to a bored artist with an obscure message. Did you check out the "stamp"?

If you know anything about this please comment on our Facebook page. What's the most random thing someone has left on your car?

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