I have fond memories of shopping at the Turnpike Mall Sears location in Augusta growing up. Our family went there for everything from Toughskins jeans (in either slim or husky) to a Kenmore appliance for the kitchen.

In our 30 plus years living in Greater Portland, I have carried on the Sears tradition by frequenting the Maine Mall location as well. So this latest news has got me wondering how much longer I'll be able go.

According to WMTW 8, the Brunswick store at Cooks Corner Mall will be closing this spring. It is one of the two remaining Sears locations in Maine.

The article states that,

"The Sears store in Brunswick will close in mid-April, a company spokesperson said in a statement.

The liquidation of the store will begin later this week. The company did not say how many employees are affected by the closure.

The last remaining Sears store in Maine will be in South Portland after the Brunswick store closes."

Who knows? Maybe we can keep the family tradition going with the last Sears standing in Maine for a bit longer. I sure hope so. Yes, there are plenty of other places to shop. But a place to shop that takes you back to being with your parents picking out a new pair of Toughskins is pretty special.

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