There was some confusion today for dog owners at South Portland's Hinckley Park. A new, much-argued leash law was thought to have gone into effect today. That, it seems, is not the case.

South Portland Parks and Rec clarified the confusion today on Facebook:

I know there was some confusion today about whether Hinckley Parks temporary leash law went into effect today. The leash law goes into effect tomorrow morning, June 15th through September 30th. Signs will be posted at park entrances and there will be park rangers reminding people to leash their dogs.



Previously, dog owners could have their pups off-leash and on "voice command" The City Council had declared June 14th as the start day for this temporary leash law. The ordinance will actually go into effect on June 15th and last until September 30th. Hinckley has been a great place to let dogs run free, and indeed, the City of South Portland may find a permanent "leash-free" solution with another potential spot. Last year, some incidents at this beautiful park led city leaders to take action during the pandemic. In one incident, two unleashed dogs killed a housecat that was wandering in the park.

Google Maps
Google Maps

You can find Hinckley Park on Highland Avenue in South Portland. There, you will find 40 acres and two nice ponds. We think the best walk is to go the 3/4 mile stretch around both ponds. One note of warning-this trail gets muddy in the spring or fall!!



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