When BWW's sign came down, people started wondering if they were closing. Nope.


They are just going through a renovation that was a long time in the making. Phew! If you like your wings, and fried pickles they will be back soon!


Thanks to some BWW fans, found out that this is a renovation project much like the Auburn Buffalo Wild Wings went through. But there are no signs for those driving by. With today's volatile climate of businesses one day there and the next day gone - you just never know.

Looks like they are shooting to open late next week (around Thursday, November 11). This is what it looked like...


And this is an artist rendition from Buffalo Wild Wings back in 2019 when they first announced the changes! I'm sure the delay has to do with...well, you know.


According to Inspire Stories, some of the changes that they have made at other locations include:

  • a more dominant bar that anchors the indoor and outdoor dining experience
  • free-flowing and flexible seating areas
  • VIP spaces, stadium-like A/V technologies with LED modular screens
  • a fully enclosed patio with rollup doors and skylights

Oh, and they'll have wings too. Glad you are sticking around BWW!

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