For many people in Maine, the cooler temperatures this week have got them thinking fall. Pumpkin spice stuff is back, apple picking season is almost here, and the fairs will be cranking up as well. But before that bubble gets too big, let us burst it for you. Some forecast models are calling for another blistering heat wave for Maine next week that could include several days where Vacationland sees 90 degree temps.

Central and northern Maine could remain comfortably in the summer pocket Monday through Thursday next week, but most of southern Maine, including York, Cumberland and Androscoggin counties could see another heatwave that will leave us begging for a cool off.

The euro model, as shared by Robert Laroche on Twitter, calls for a couple of different days that could top out at nearly 100 degrees for portions of southern Maine. Even those who refuse to say goodbye to summer may find that to be a little too toasty for their liking. Here's a taste of what the other popular forecasting model, the GFS, calls for:

As with all predictive weather models, things could certainly change in the next few days. But if they don't, get ready to hide inside with all that delicious air conditioning next week. Or melt. Your choice.

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