One of the best things about living, and playing, in Central Maine is our amazing waterways.  Serene ponds, massive lakes and, of course, the mighty Kennebec River.

Some people love the idea of taking on the river in a speedboat or pontoon boat.  Others like to enjoy the river in a raft or kayak.  But, if your idea of a day on the river is lazily floating down the river with a group of friends, chilled drink in hand, you need to book a trip with Bullfrog Adventures.

What Is Bullfrog Adventures?

Located on Route 201 in Caratunk, they offer a bunch of different Maine river adventures.  They have canoe trips, kayak trips, and tubing trips.  Bullfrog also has a campground that you can use as a base for your adventures.

Kennebec River Tubing Trips

Bullfrog offers a couple of different "guided" Kennebec River tubing trips.  On the more chill trip, you get in the water at The Forks, where the Kennebec and Dead rivers meet.  From there, you spend about three hours floating down the river.  For a small up-charge, they'll even hook you up with a floating cooler filled with ice - perfect for whatever kind of beverage you want.  The price is $55 per person.  Kids under 12 are $40 per person.

One of the other Kennebec River trips is called "The Bubble Trip".  The pictures I have seen, and the fact that it is listed as ADVANCED INTERMEDIATE makes me think it has a little more action than "The Forks" trip has.

Canoe & Kayak Trips

If you are looking for something a little more involved, they also offer canoe trips and kayak trips on the Kennebec River and Penobscot River.  They even offer three and four day camping trips.

Get all the details and take a look at all they offer on their website.  And, check out their Facebook page for pics of some of their recent adventures.

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