As people across the state of Maine dig out from a pretty substantial Spring storm, now comes news of yet ANOTHER spring storm bringing snow on Tuesday. 

Many of us likely stared out this window this morning, watching snowflakes once again pile up in our dooryards, and thought "when is this going to end?". Maybe you took an optimistic outlook to the whole situation and thought, "at least this will be the LAST snowstorm until next winter". Well, we hate to dash your optimism but it won't be the last.

Keith Carson of WCSH-6 briefly came out of the weather hole he's been hiding in to reveal this:

Keith was unwilling to say April Fool's after that tweet, likely meaning it's real. He was also unwilling to put a best guess to the snowfall amounts but at this point (or should we say breaking point) ANY snowfall amount is enough to push us over the edge.

So keep dreaming of barbecues, beaches and backyard gatherings...because they literally are nowhere in sight. Instead, we'll continue with reality, a white spring filled with shoveling and swearing. Ayut.


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