Steve Perry has spent most of 2015 working on his first solo album in more than 20 years.

The former Journey vocalist shared the news during a call-in to the Mark in the Morning show on KSWD-FM in Los Angeles (via Melodic Rock), during which Perry — who was phoning to wish radio personality "Uncle" Joe Benson a happy birthday — fielded a few questions about his future plans.

"I'm in the studio," Perry said when asked what he's been up to lately. "You know, actually, I started — there's been so many rumors going around that I'm in the studio, that I've been there for years. The truth is, I finally went into the studio in March, and I've been in there ever since, just trying to finish this record."

As Perry noted, there's really never any shortage of rumors regarding his current activities, and given that he hasn't released a solo record since 1994's For the Love of Strange Medicine, it would probably be wise not to hold one's breath while waiting for the new album to appear. Still, even though he stopped short of making any promises in terms of a release date, Perry seemed optimistic that he'd have it out soon.

"I've asked myself that today," joked Perry when asked when he expected to finish the new album. "I'm looking forward to finishing it, put it that way. I want to get it done probably in the early part of this coming year."

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