Given his battles with substances in the past, you wouldn't be faulted for wondering why Aerosmith's Steven Tyler would be bragging about "hitting the bottle hard" at his group's recent tour stop in Helsinki. But if you take a look at the video posted on his Facebook page, you will see the term "hitting the bottle" is one to be taken literally.


In the video, Tyler is seen seated behind a wall of bottles, tapping out the opening notes to Aerosmith's classic song 'Dream On.' Around the 0:40 second mark of the video, Tyler lets out a laugh as he hears his song coming together before his ears.

Onlookers (or the lack thereof) don't seem to be fazed in the least that a multi-platinum rock star is in their midst, casually tapping away on a homemade instrument. And hey, if that whole Aerosmith thing doesn't work out sometime down the road, Tyler just might have found a new calling to pursue.

This is not the first time that Tyler has performed with street musicians. A couple of weeks ago, he forgot the words to the Aerosmith song 'Dream On' while stopping by to jam with a couple of street musicians in Lithuania.

Aerosmith are in the midst of a European tour but are looking forward to introducing some "deep album cuts" on the North American leg of the 'Let Rock Rule' tour.


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