It's a shar...wait, what is that?

That's no shark, my friends. That's just a measly giant ocean sunfish.

Enter professional photographer, Karl Ramsdell. Karl is a frequent content machine for me. His photography is exceptional. He is also the administrator for the MAINE Wildlife Facebook page. The public page is for everyone to post and enjoy Maine's wildlife. The wildly (no pun intended) popular group has a following of over 100,000 people, including yours truly.

Karl was on his paddle board off Kettle Cove Beach In Cape Elizabeth recently. That is when he ran into this big guy. He wrote on his Facebook page that the slippery sunfish was basically just hanging out while he was paddling around. I have to be honest, I probably would have peed myself.

According to, the ocean sunfish (also know as a common mola) is actually the largest boned fish in the world. They can grow to nearly 14 feet, and weigh up to 5,100 lbs. That would make it heavier than your standard sedan. The ocean is wild, man.

Ray Harrington via unsplash
Ray Harrington via unsplash

Karl also points out in his post that the sunfish is also commonly mistaken for a shark. In fact, the sunfish has even caused so much confusion that its sightings have led to beach evacuations.

It's not surprising, considering the massive dorsal fin that the giant fish has. Heck, even I thought it was shark when I first viewed Karl's video. I couldn't even imagine what my reaction would have been if I was on that paddleboard...besides peeing myself.

Thanks to Karl for allowing me to share this incredible video. I highly suggest checking out more of his work here.

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