This drone video of the changing leaves in the White Mountains is a seemingly never-ending rainbow of color.

It was brilliantly done by Michael Holzwarth. We have featured his work here before. It evoked very a different response. You may remember be creeped out by his haunting video of "A Wicked Vacant Boston" in the early days of Covid lockdown.

However everything about this video will give you feelings of awe, contentment, and happiness.

Fall in the Northeast is a uniquely beautiful spectacle that we absolutely adore. We are blessed to be here.

I've yet to see anything this season that so perfectly displays Mother Nature painting her masterpiece. It makes me want to take a drive through the White Mountains this weekend. I want to breathe that exceptionally sweet air and swallow those colors.

Thank you for taking us on this heavenly journey and helping to calm an anxious world, Michael. You were at the right place at the right time and it's just what our souls need right now.

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