Farmers Rock! We're so lucky to live in a state where we still have real farming. At the Blimp, we get calls all the time from farmers of all types...and we always try to get your song requests to the front of the line...because you guys work you asses off! In fact, the first DJ ever on BLM-Steve Hoad-is now a pig farmer in Maine. Hmmmm, maybe one day I'll give up the morning show, move to Montana and be a farmer...I'll raise Dental Floss! Anyway, today is Maine Open Farm Day-where dozens of farms open their doors with all kinds of activities for the whole family. If you go, make sure to tell everyone on the farm how awesome they are.

If you DO head out today to a farm, please share your pics and stories on Facebook and Twitter at #mainefarmersrock.

Here are some of my favorite songs about Farmers. Good Sunday to you!