Yuh the other night, I just got home from from rocking all afternoon aboard the Blimp. As soon as my wife and I walked through the door, my son excitedly reported that he found a weird beetle looking type thing crawling around the house. My first thought was, "Uh-oh STINK BUG! You didn't step on him, didja son?"

Fortunately, he captured the insect and tossed it outside so no nasty odor filled our first floor. Phew! Not P-U! They emit the unpleasant aroma as a defense, so that could've happened just by handling it if the pest with the back that looks like a battle shield sensed a threat.

Not only are they a nuisance because they can be stanky more importantly they eat our plants. According to WMTW News 8, state biologists are asking for reports if you see any in your home. If they can get an population estimate now it will help them determine how much of a problem they could be for crops and specific locations later this year.

If you see an invasive stink bug, report it at surveymonkey.com/r/ME2017BMSB.


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