The Coronavirus has hit the economy of Maine hard, and according to WMTW, even outdoor recreation companies are struggling. Adventure Local Maine is a resource for finding amazing deals all over Maine, to get us outdoors and enjoying all that nature has to offer.

After being cooped up for the past few months, our family of four could use a little get away that isn't too far away, that gets us out into the fresh air and sunshine, doesn't cost too much and will be a memorable family experience. With summer vacation time coming up, I didn't know where to begin in my search for a four day get away. Then I discovered Adventure Local Maine where they hook up residents of Maine with discounts and incentives for a multitude of experiences.

Our kids are now 10 and 14 and they are ready to explore our state and try something new. At the Adventure Local Maine website we found options that we hadn't considered; sea kayaking, climbing and biking together as a family is something that we haven't done before but could be a blast. There's information for finding guides, hikes and a map from the Bicycle Coalition of Maine to plan a safe ride.

If you are interested in fishing, there's something for everybody; fly fishing, salt water, spin and fresh water. Into learning something new? Try Tenkara, a traditional form of Japanese fly fishing that takes a minimalist approach and is taught to kids as well as adults by Dan Pierce.

Camping is at the top of the list and you've got your usual camp or RV sites, but also consider a yurt or cabin for a different experience.

What Maine adventure would you like to experience this summer? Comment on our Fan Page.

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