So, how was your weekend? Did you venture out and enjoy some of Maine's natural beauty? A visit to the mountains or to the beaches or maybe just hung out in your backyard and relaxed. If you made some memories this weekend, we've got some bad news for you, they may not be real. In fact, none of this may be real. Because according to the Weekly World News, the entire state of Maine has been swallowed up by the Atlantic Ocean and probably no longer exists.

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As you've probably surmised already, the Weekly World News headlines are not exactly known for their accuracy. Maine does still exist, and it hasn't taken the federal government of the United States three days to figure out that the ocean swallowed up the state. The best tidbit of this piece of satire has to be the fake quote attributed to absolutely no one "I think they're still there but we can't see them anymore".


If you've suddenly got a lot of anxiety that the Weekly World News has it right and other more-reputable news outlets have it wrong, you may want to consider some of the other "news" in their headline roll. Everything from the biting op-ed asking "Is Your Spouse An Alien?" to the completely non-factual story that a dinosaur has been cloned in Florida. (of course, you need a dinosaur to clone a dinosaur)

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So rest easy Maine, we still do exist and the Atlantic Ocean doesn't appear to have plans to swallow the entire state up anytime soon. OR DOES IT?

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