Boston Bruins

Time Difference Saves Bob Marley In Vegas For Game 7
So Maine's King of Comedy Bob Marley is on vacation with his wife and family in Vegas this week. They have tickets to see Lady Gaga tonight or as he calls her, Lady Jahjah. When the Bruins won game 6 on Sunday to send it to Game 7 in Boston Bob of course panicked. How would he watch the Stanle…
Wicked Funny: Bob Marley Doesn’t Go To the Gahden Anymoah
Hear the story of the last time Bob brought the family to a Bruins game and decided to the grab the wrist of a wicked big dude in front of him who was twirlin' that towel like "a helicoptah"! Let's just say it ended with a little mess. Good thing Bob had a towel of his own.
Watch This Amazing Goal!
Make it five wins in a row for the Boston Bruins. Monday night a 4-2 victory over the New Jersey Devils to put the B's record at 10-6.
Tukka Picks Up Other Sticks
Boston Bruins goalie Tuukka Rask showed off his musical skills in Buffalo the other night. He sat in on the drums for a local band name Mustn'ts at a local nightclub.
Bruins, Habs to Get It On
Back in the spring the Montreal Canadiens knocked the top ranked Boston Bruins out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Will hard feelings carry over to tonight's preseason opener?
Who Will Win Game 7?
When the puck drops on Wednesday night at the TD Bank Garden, the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens will lock horns on the ice in Game 7 to see which team will move on to the NHL Eastern Conference Finals in the quest for the Stanley Cup.