Hot Liquid Refreshment!
Nothing says winter like curling up on the couch with a nice cup of hot cocoa. Well, prepare to take yourself to the next level of hot cocoa nirvana.
Trying Dunkin' for The First Time
Here in Maine we love our Dunkin' Donuts. Starwho? Sadly though, California has not had a Dunkin' Donuts in almost 20 years. BuzzFeed decided to send a camera out to the brand new Dunkin' in Santa Monica to get the reactions of people who have never tried Dunkin' before.
Personal sauces
When I go out for fast-food, I really enjoy dipping my fries (and sometimes my burgers) in sauces. Now, Buzzfeed has made a list of how to make some of the most popular sauces on your own!
Create Some BBQ Fireworks!
Okay, it's the Fourth of July weekend and by now we have already had our fill of hot dogs, burgers and other traditional grilling fare so why not shake things up a little bit.
Here are 11 great grilling dishes from Buzzfeed that will give any barbecue chef a whole new perspective on what it mean…