Central Maine

Maine Schools Will Now Offer Free Meals To All Students In 2022
Typically students that attended one of Maine's many public schools would be required to pay for their breakfast, snacks, and lunch. Families who cannot afford school meals can receive meals for a reduced rate or even no cost.
During the height of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the federal governm…
What Mainers Should Do if They Find Dryer Sheets in Their Mailbox
As it actually turns out, you should leave it there. Yep, if you go to check your mail and you find a dryer sheet inside the mailbox you should seriously just leave it there. Unless you have a really strange neighbor playing a super-odd prank on you, the sheet was most-likely left there by your loca…
Are You A “November Widow”? Kristi Is!
I heard this phrase "November Widow" a few years back and wondered what it could mean. That was until it was explained, and at that moment, I never felt something more accurate in my life.
What is a November Widow?
If you have a spouse who eats, sleeps, breathes, and downright lives …