Christmas lights

Portland Christmas Lights Come Down On St. Patty’s Day! [VIDEO]
In the past, St. Patrick's Day has been a turning point into spring. Not today! It's snowing as I write this and city workers are just now taking down the Christmas lights on Monument Square!
Like the city of Portland, has the harsh weather kept you from taking down your holiday decorations…
Stringing the Friggin’ Lights [VIDEO]
If you are a simple creature like me and get overwhelmed with the task of getting your tree all lit up like a...Christmas tree. Well, you may need professional help. Here it is, all you need to know about hanging the lights.
Bring On Holiday Cheer!
I raise my right hand and swear that this spring I will have an electrician wire outdoor outlets, so that I can have Christmas lights next year. I am the neighbor with "light envy."