The Hilarious “Rules of Flannel Shirt Ownership”
The Bangor Police are more than just our Maine heroes that fight crime and protect us every day. They are also our moral compass. And they understand the issues that cause disruption and chaos in Maine households. One of their most popular Facebook posts of all time is their Rules of Flannel Shirt O…
A Better Way to Get Rid of Fall Leaves! [VIDEO]
Yesterday I spent an hour leaf blowing and barely made a dent. We have so many leaves! The forecast is for heavy rains over the next couple days, so I really wanted to get them up and out. I've made the mistake of leaving our leaves until the spring, but there are so many that my grass is …
New Fall Temperature Forecast
The Weather Company, has just released their temperature forecast for September, October and November and they are saying temperatures will be above normal for us here in Maine.
What to do With Those Uncarved Pumpkins!
We never got around to carving our Halloween pumpkins, but they are still looking fresh, so after school today we are going to make the most of them. Here are some ideas that I found for doing just that:

Turn the empty pumpkin into a planter by setting a container of mums inside
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Guys are More Attractive in the Fall, Here’s Why!
What is it about the seasons changing? Guys just look yummier! It's not just my imagination, it's for real according to a recent survey, Here's why:

Their nasty toes are out of sandals. Sorry guys, but we won't miss seeing them!
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