Maine's Misspelled Word
In preparation for the upcoming Scripps Spelling Bee, Google Trends released a map detailing every state's most misspelled word. Here in Maine, given the lengthy winter and a particularly brutal flu season, it's hardly a surprise that that pneumonia tops the list...
Mainers Google Search These Dad-Related Things The Most
We hope you enjoyed your Father's Day. Maybe you treated Dad to a barbecue or even bought him a nice gift. Maybe you even used Google to research a gift idea for Dad. researched what each of the U.S. states Google searched more than any of the other states. So what do Mainers Googl…
Maine's Most Googled
When I learn more about something or someone, I search "the Google". It appears that most people who use Google in the State of Maine, all searched images, news, and videos regarding the same person. Who is it?