Outdoor Summer Movie Series In Auburn Starts Friday
If you are looking for something a little different and fun to do on Fridays this summer, there's a great outdoor movies series happening in Auburn. It all starts this weekend on June 11 at Anniversary Park with a showing of the classic 1978 musical film, "Grease" starring Olivia Newt…
Did Your Dad Have A Fave Film About The Military Too?
He never did talk too much about his days in the Navy during World War II. I know he spent a lot of time out at sea, delivering goods to other ships, re-fueling them, stuff like that. But he sure did share his fondness for a few movies that sparked his memories of those days...
Non-Horror Movies That Were Actually Kinda Scary
Ever been frightened when you were not expecting it? Rather disturbing don't you think? That's what happened with these films which may not be classified as "horror", but they sure gave your subconscious a case of the willies...
5 Movies You Can Only Watch One Time
They don't have to be cult films. Nor do they have to be super-bloody and confusing. But they do have an effect on you to the point where having seen it once is likely more than enough. What movie do you never need to see again?

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