Portland Vigil

Mainers Come Together On Monument Square For Jerry
On August 9, 1995, just before the WBLM Classic Lunch Hour, I went into the Blimp Studio to let Tommy C know that Jerry passed. He offered his condolences with an expression that you would give someone who just lost a family member. For Deadheads, we had.
22 Years Ago Today: Portland Honors Jerry Garcia
Deadheads came together for a candle-light vigil on Monument Square. We set up the PA on our patio overlooking the heart of the city. The sweet, magical music Jerry had given us for 30 years was filling the air under a bright, beautiful moon.
21 YEARS AGO: Portland Honors Jerry Garcia
When the news came over the AP teletype machine here at WBLM, I was stunned to read that Jerry Garcia had died suddenly a week after his 53rd birthday.  No one knew that he was at a rehab clinic. It was common knowledge that his years of hard drug use and diabetes were taking a toll. But, we al…