Sam Adams

Sam Adams Has Fantastic Response to SNL's Parody Commercial
Did you see the hilarious Samuel Adams parody commercial this weekend on SNL? It starred Bostonian comedian Bill Burr who hosted the show. SNL always loves to make fun of Bostonians and this one hit the mark. We're HUGE fans of Sam Adams beer...the Boston Lager is our Desert Island Brew, so we …
Meet Jim Koch Tuesday
Join us Tuesday for our favorite Blimp Morning Show of the year! Our great friend, Jim Koch will be with the Captain and Celeste for a live morning show at the Porthole on Portland's Waterfront.
Jim Koch Day at Porthole
Mr. Jim Koch. An all-around good guy and an honorary lifelong member of the WBLM Morning Show. He also happens to be the founder of Sam Adams beer and the man that started the craft beer revolution. Let me write that again. HE STARTED THE CRAFT BEER REVOLUTION...
Sam Adams Food Pairings and Recipes!
These are Loyal Listeners Adventure Girl and Joan. During our WBLM Morning Show broadcast from The Porthole in Portland yesterday, we discussed pairings of different Sam Adams beer with different foods.
Maine Craft Brewers Rock!
Sam Adams craft beer founder Jim Koch was the featured guest with The Captain & Celeste Blimp Morning Show at the Porthole restaurant in Portland on Wednesday morning and he shared his admiration for Maine's craft beer brewers.
Koch founded Sam Adams and the Boston Beer Co. 30...