UFO Files Released by the CIA; Maine Ranks 4th for UFO Sightings
Big news this week. The CIA unclassified thousands of documents that have to do with UFO's. You can peruse them here from The Black Vault. We hope and expect to see some files that have to do with Maine UFOs. Did you know that Maine is a hotbed for UFO activity? According to Satellite Internet, Maine ranks #4 in the USA when it comes to UFO activity. New Hampshire does even better at #3.
Maine UFO Sightings (So Far) in 2020
If you were ET would you be visiting Earth these days? Probably not. And if you are an extraterrestrial being within the sound of this blog, and you have any suggestions or remedies for our current situation, please come forward. We need you! Maine has always been a hotbed of UFO activity. The National UFO Reporting Center does a really good job of chronicling all the UFO sightings in the Pine Tree State. So far in 2020, we count 13 UFO sightings. That's TWICE the number of sightings we had this time last year!

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