You Still Have a Chance to Win A Piece of the Blimp Archives
We don't know of any radio station that has ever given away their own archives of music. Then again, there's never ever been a radio station like the Blimp. From our days in the Litchfield double-wide to our time in Auburn, to our 30 years here at One City Center, we've been fortunate to amass one of the largest collections of Rock and Roll on the planet. And this month we have been giving away to album at a time! Original vinyl that has been played on WBLM turntables for 20, 30, sometimes 40+ years! Not to worry, we bought all these classic albums on 8-track, cassette, vinyl, CD, Blue-Ray, DAT, and any other way we could have over the years, so we still multiples of EVERYTHING. Now, the original vinyl we are giving away may not be in the best, most PRISTINE shape, but they are well worn and well-loved....just like all of us!
Want to Restore Your Vinyl?
We've got thousands of albums here in the legendary Blimp Archives! It's always so cool to be able to select a piece of vintage vinyl, place it on the the turntable here in the WBLM studio and send it over the 100,000 watt airwaves. Because most of the albums we have are original copies from the "trailer days" in Litchfield, there are lots of snaps, crackles, and pops. While that's part
A to Z Rocks Again [VIDEO]
We're off! The Best of The Blimp from A to Z started at 8am. Get ready for an amazing journey through the BLM Archives for the next couple of weeks. Since we've been at this for over 40 years, we've amassed one of the biggest collections of Rock anywhere in the world...