The town of Windham is in the planning stages for a new community center, and the designers of the new building have shared a 3D view of what it would look like.

According to the Windham Eagle, the proposed community center would be located near the rotary in Windham.

The proposed center would include a gym with three basketball courts, an indoor track, two pools, locker rooms, kitchen, a youth and adult wellness studio, and would be around 70,000 to 84,000 square feet in size. There will also be space for outdoor athletic fields and parking.

The building is designed by Harriman, and at a presentation to the Town Council Monday night, they shared a 3D walk through rendering of what the building would look like, and it's definately ambitious.

There has been some concern on social media about the tax burden on residents for this building, but a survey of residents a few years ago showed support for a community center.

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