I knock myself out on deep fried goodies once a year at the Fryeburg Fair where I look forward to visiting this food truck, and the chickens with the fluffy feet. While Halloween shopping at our Scarborough Wal Mart, an end display freezer case caught my eye. I stood paralyzed as my mind puzzled together what I was looking at; the possibility of eating fair food absolutely any time that I want. It felt deliciously dangerous, and my heart beat faster as I considered what a very bad idea it would be for me to take a box of Deep Fried Twinkies home with me. It shouldn't be this easy to get a deep fried treat! There's a reason that they are only available for a few days a year! They are deadly. Even knowing how terrible these are for me, my body betrayed me. My pupils dilated and my mouth watered as my imagination tasted the crispy outside of the Twinkie and the warm marshmallowy filling. I was mesmerized as my hand involuntarily opened the freezer case door and placed the frosty box into my cart...

I was no longer in control as I remembered waiting in line at the Fryeburg Fair and smelling the deep fryer working its magic on almost every conceivable treat.


When I returned home to an empty house, I took the opportunity to rearrange the freezer and hide my stash under frozen butternut squash. I put the kids to bed as early as I could and with the devil in my eyes I told Mark that I had a surprise for him. I excused myself shyly and went to the kitchen to preheat the oven. I approached Mark with my hands coyly behind my back. I was really worked up and he could tell. With great flourish I revealed my delicious surprise, the red, white and blue Deep Fried Twinkie box! Mark slumped in disappointment. I'm not sure why...

The timer went off and the smell of this toasty delight was so amazing that it woke up our ten year old.


I cut into it and the marshmallowy filling was warm and not too sweet, the outside was slightly crispy. My eyes rolled to the back of my head as I enjoyed my first bite. I turned to ask Mark if he liked it-and his was already gone. He liked my surprise. I knew he would.


I will not purchase Deep Fried Twinkies again, until there's a 12 step recovery program for them.

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