News came down recently that soda giant Coca-Cola had purchased one of Maine's most treasured oddities, the Moxie soda brand. Known for its unique taste that truly is an acquired thing, Moxie had maintained as a popular product that was nearly completely contained to New England. When Coca-Cola purchased the Moxie brand, they promised to distribute it from coast-to-coast. They weren't messing around.

Shared on Reddit by TheBlandBrigand, they spotted Moxie on store shelves at the Florida-based grocery store chain Publix. It'll be interesting as the weeks and months move on to see how many other new towns, cities and states start noticing Moxie on their store shelves.

Coca-Cola has promised they won't alter the distinctive taste that has made Moxie an enduring brand despite several different owners. The real question is, can anyone that isn't a native New Englander deal with it? We'll find out soon enough.

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