...including a new #1 pick to sing that's perfect timing for hand-washing!

Half-way thru July already? Yowza! So for this too-short-of-a-season, here are the Top Five selections that come in under two minutes. Do we wish a few were a little bit longer?!? Maybe...

David Bowie - "Breaking Glass" (1:52). From one of his most boundary pushing albums ("1977's "Low"), this one's funky and sharp with a bangin' snare drum and plucky guitar licks that sound like the mic's were up too close. Best line: "You're such a wonderful person/But you've got problems". 

Janis Joplin - "Mercedes Benz" (1:47). She was always at her best when left pure and unadulterated, like this accapella masterpiece which was recorded in just one take for her last studio LP "Pearl" (1971). The spoken opening lines ("I'd like to do a song of great social and political import") followed by a plea to the Lord sums it up rather nicely.

Cheap Trick - "Hello There" (1:41). It couldn't get any simpler: the first track on Side One of their second studio album (1977's "In Color") opens with a buzz-saw lick and just after the drums kick in, singer Robin Zander wants to know "Are you ready to rock?". Sheer perfection.

The Box Tops - "The Letter" (1:52). One of the shortest songs to reach the Number One spot (on September 23rd, 1967); hard to believe the vocal is by a 16 year old Alex Chilton. The airplane sound effects are the sprinkles on the frosting here, easily one of the most classic Top 40 AM radio singles ever made.

The Beatles - "Her Majesty" (0:23). We have a winner!!! Here's a "brand new song" to wash your hands by and way more fun than any of the other suggestions that've been made. The final moments of 1969's "Abbey Road" were the result of a bit of a tape-recording that was saved by accident. Paul loved the way it sounded, so...



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