It's been over three months since the AFC Championship game that was marred by ridiculous accusations that the Patriots deflated game balls for a competitive advantage. Since then, we've had no response form the league regarding the investigation but we have had plenty of cringewothy"#deflategate jokes.

1. Obama With the Patriots at the White House

This isn't Obama's first offense either. He cracked a similar #deflategate joke back in January before the big game at the annual House Democratic retreat. Don't quit your day job Mr. POTUS.

2. Blake Shelton and Tony Romo at ACM Awards

What's more cringeworthy? The untimeliness of the joke, or that Romo said him and his Cowboys have "real balls!"

3. Aaron Hernandez's Lawyer During Murder Trial

This actually happened! James Sultan, Hernandez's lawyer, was cross-examining a State Trooper about the tire tracks left at the scene when he decided to mix in a little humor. Rule no. 1 of being a defense lawyer is not cracking a joke in the middle of a high profile murder trial.

4. Katy Perry at Super Bowl Press Conference

Katy Perry
Getty Images/Rob Carr

Donning a hideous football dress for her Super Bowl Halftime Show press conference, Katy Perry made an equally as hideous #deflategate joke telling the room full of reporters that "Nothing in my performance will be delfated."

5. National Transportation Safety Board

I can't blame the NTSB guys for trying but it's still a dumb joke.

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