We've been cleaning out the Blimp Morning Show archives of late. You know, it's better than doing another damn puzzle. Or more laundry. Or looking all over land and sea for toilet paper. But we digress. We found this doozy from a few years ago and played it on the show this week and people went NUTS. So we are giving it to you in case you are down and need a guaranteed giggle. We call this "The Accident."  It's a voicemail a guy leaves his boss after witnessing a minor car accident. It stars the guy who hit four little old ladies and soon comes to regret it. Some people are skeptical of the authenticity of this voicemail but from all our research it looks like it's the real deal

The best part of this call? The dude's LAUGH. It's so contagious. You know, in a good way for once! Enjoy!



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