Rock and Roll Cats

The Amazing Acro-Cats are rock stars through and through. Yes, they play instruments. They skateboard. They jump through hoops. They have more talent in one paw than most of us have in our whole bodies. And they are all rescues!

The cats and their humans have an incredible variety show that they take on the road not only to entertain but to do good in the cat world.

The show helps raise money for cats in need and promotes cat adoption and educating humans on proper cat training.

Trainable Cats

There's nothing that makes certain cats trainable. The humans Amazing Acro-Cats truly believe it just takes a little time, a clicker, treats, and some positive reinforcement. That's how they trained all of their Amazing Acro-Cats. They even use their methods to teach shelter workers so they can help train adoptable cats to up their chances of finding a forever home. Because, honestly, who would want to get rid of a cat that can do tricks, right?

Maine Visit

The ever-so-talented Acro-cats will be bringing their show to St. Lawrence Arts Center in Portland this August. The first show is on August 12th at 7 pm and their Maine residency wraps up on August 28th at 2 pm.

The show is two hours long and you'll see these amazing cats showcase a variety of skills from riding a skateboard to playing drums!

Oh, and the cat band also includes a chicken, Cluck Norris, on tambourine.

This is a fun and can't miss event for the whole family. Tickets are available now and are expected to sell out. Grab Very Important Cat People Furront Row seats to participate in the show and attend the meet and greet.

Tickets and details are available here.

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