It might be time to call it a curse. Days after we put together a collection of photos that show people who have mistakenly hit a yellow pole at the Walmart location in Auburn, Maine, people didn't heed the warning. From the time that photo gallery was published until now, two additional yellow pole collisions have happened at the same Walmart.

Posted by Christian Venable on Friday, May 7, 2021

Shared on Facebook by Christian Venable, whomever was behind the wheel of this Chevrolet SUV clearly miscalculated the left turn they were attempting to make and became the latest victim (in a long line of victims) of the now infamous yellow pole in the Auburn Walmart parking lot. Unfortunately for this particular driver, the pole was victorious in this standoff, causing significant damage to the vehicle.

Shared on Facebook by Krystal McFetridge, it happened again on Monday. Different pole, same Commenters on the posts continue to have the same response, "how and why does this keep happening?". There's a lot of reasonable excuses that could be made for the occasional collision between car and pole, but the amount of times this has occurred strictly in the Auburn Walmart parking lot is getting absurd. Including twice in three days.

As we said at the top, it might be time to call this a curse. One pole? Accident. Two poles? Coincidence. 72 poles? An absolute curse. Drive slow, pay close attention and have your favorite body shop and insurance company on speed dial if you plan to visit the Auburn Walmart. The curse lives on.

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