At this point, do we call Dave Portnoy "New England's Most Generous Son" with all of the pure GOOD he's been doing for WEEKS now? In case you missed it, a few weeks ago, I posted an article about how Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, also founded The Barstool Fund and has been helping small businesses survive the pandemic.

I already highlighted a few of the New England businesses spread throughout New Hampshire and Maine that he's already helped. And here's an update -- he hasn't even come close to letting his foot off the gas. Not only for New England businesses, but businesses around the country.

You have to think, though, that since he's from New England (Swampscott, Mass, specifically), that he has some extra motivation to make sure he helps out as many New England businesses as possible. And in the last few weeks, he's given a boost to about a dozen more of them:

Diggity Dogs Service Dogs - Shelburne Falls, MA

I especially love that Dave helped this business out, because Diggity Dogs is a 501(c)3 business that specializes in training dogs to recognize their owner/guardian's mental, physical, emotional, and/or neurological needs so they can respond in the appropriate way to help owners overcome the challenges created from those needs. Which, if you've ever lived in Tulsa and had a bit of a breakdown in your kitchen and your dog was there to comfort you and look out for you -- you appreciate this that much more. (Hi, it was me. I'm talking about me.)

The Park Lunch - Newburyport, MA

The Park Lunch is that perfect mix of stellar family atmosphere but also sports bar. In fact, it's a perfect combo of the two since their owner mentions how it's the spot that coaches, families, and kids go after sports games. Well, back when there were tons of Little League sports and other kid sports to play. It's that go-to spot the community knows and loves that also serves some stellar fried clams, burgers, pizza, and more.

Jalapeno's Mexican Grill - Walpole, MA

We're lucky to have so many authentic-style Mexican restaurants in New England, and while some are doing okay right now, others need help. Jalapeno's Mexican Grill not only serves authentic Mexican food, but how can you go wrong with a choice of over 100 types of tequilas, margaritas, and cold beer?

Atlas Pub & Kitchen - Chicopee, MA

Atlas Pub & Kitchen has been family founded and run for over 40 years. FOUR DECADES! That's the DEFINITION of a true family restaurant/small business. It's a killer place to catch a game since they have 7 TV's, plus it's great in the warm weather since they have a sweet patio set up, too.

Special Occasion Limousine & Coach - Plymouth, MA

I feel like a lot of restaurants are getting focused on as far as struggling small businesses go, but think about a transportation business like Special Occasion Limousine & Coach. A business that thrives on weddings (and in relation, bachelor/bachelorette parties), concerts, proms -- considering most of those aren't really happening, it's been an understandable rough time.

George's Barber Shop - Saugus, MA

George's is considered to be the Oldest Barber Shop in the USA, and has been family owned and operated through FIVE generations. And with a lot of guys being super particular about their hair, building enough trust with clients to last 5 generations just goes to show how incredible, knowledgeable, and skilled the crew at George's really is.

Jimmy's Pub & Restaurant - Mansfield, MA

You can't hate a place with an early bird, lunch, dinner, AND LATE NIGHT menu. Then again, when you're in the same town as a major concert venue, you best have a late night menu if you think about it. Obviously, lack of concerts and just the pandemic overall has hurt Jimmy's. On top of the wide range of food, they have craft beer on tap and tons of bottled beer, too.

L&M Bargain - Brockton, MA

I think I can speak for multiple people when I point out that shopping for children can be tough sometimes, for really no other reason than a serious lack of selection compared to how it used to be. That's why a place like L&M Bargain (normally) thrives, because they're considered Greater Boston's largest independent children's clothing store. With everything from a wide selection of general kids' clothes, to school uniforms, and more.

Miss Florence Diner - Florence, MA

80 years. EIGHTY FLIPPIN YEARS. That's how long Miss Florence Diner has been in operation. In fact, it's been such an institution since 1941, that it's officially part of the US National Register of Historic Places. You'd think that alone would be enough to help keep them afloat, but unfortunately, a pandemic doesn't care about cool accomplishments.

Betsy's Diner - Falmouth, MA

Is there anyone who DOESN'T love a good 50s-style diner? It's ok, I'll wait for you to try and figure out if there is -- because spoiler alert, there isn't. Fun fact, I used to do radio on Cape Cod way back in the day, and I'd hear about an iconic diner on Cape that I needed to try. Unfortunately, I never did, but they were talking about Betsy's. It just proved their slogan right, though -- "It's the talk of the town."

Primavera - Millis, MA

Known for having "the best brunch around," Primavera has been family owned and operated for 30 years. If you're a fan of homemade, handmade Italian -- STOP. You found your heaven. They're known for their hand-crafted pasta, plus rustic breads and amazing desserts.

Look at this list. The one thing in common? A lot of these places have been family owned and operated for DECADES. Not just a few years, but DECADES. Say what you want about Barstool Sports, but Dave Portnoy is clearly a solid human being to establish this fund, get celebrities like Kid Rock and Aaron Rodgers to donate, as well as celebrities like Guy Fieri to endorse Barstool Fund -- Dave is leading the charge in saving SO many livelihoods.

If you want to donate to the Barstool Fund, or even purchase some merch to one of these (or any of the other DOZENS) places that Dave has helped and basically rescued, check out The Barstool Fund's webpage.

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