The tradition of husking corn outside has been passed down from my father, from his father before him, from the father before that and so on and so forth. After generations of meticulously trying to get the silk off the cob and then suffering a boiling pot of water in the summer heat to cook it, I knew that I needed to be the generation to take it to the next level. That's when this handsome devil stepped into my life and seduced a nice Maine girl to go against everything she's been taught, and microwave her corn on the cob. My family will disown me if they find out I'm associated with this video, but I swear I will not husk another ear of corn. EVER!

Now I would like to introduce you to Granny Mae. Even if the thought of fried corn on the cob repulses you, I urge you to watch this anyway because you will be impersonating her accent while cooking for weeks to come! Shoooweeee!

Do you have any non-traditional corn advice to give? Do you feel you should shame me for microwaving corn? Should my Maine citizenship be revoked? Let me have it on our Facebook Fan Page.

Please don't tell my dad about this.


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